Our team has been collaborating extensively for the last 5 years.

We comprise of Associate Professor Joanne Riebschleger (research lead) and Daniel Cavanaugh (Doctoral Student) who are based in the Department of Social Work at Michigan State University, USA, and Drs Christine Grové and Shane Costello who are Educational and Developmental Psychologists and Lecturers in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, Australia.

Our collaboration has produced five publications in leading journals, eight international conference presentations, four funding grants and two validated scales.

From left Daniel Cavanaugh, Joanne Riebschleger, Christine Grové, Shane Costello


We acknowledge the Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide group of international researchers and change agents committed to enhancing the lives of families living with parental mental illness where this work began.

We especially thank Annick Bosch, Peter van der Ende, Ellen Kallander and Phillip Tchernegovski (pictured below) for their contributions to the mental health literacy survey and systemic literature review.

Scale development think tank in Prato, Italy, May 2015